Insurance and Financial Policies

***Treatments offered to our patients is never insurance-driven but is rather aimed towards the achievement of optimal oral health and the establishment of appropriate personalized treatment plans***
If you have dental insurance, we can assist you in electronically processing your insurance claim immediately.

The very first visit will need to be paid up front as it can take up to 2 weeks to get your assignment of benefits organized. After that, we accept payment directly from your insurance carrier provided the payment is directed to our office.

However, you are responsible for your deductible and any portion your insurance carrier does not cover. We may request to have a credit card number on file that could only be used with your authorization should your insurance not cover the residual portion.

All services are due to be paid in full within 60 days of the date of service, regardless of whether or not insurance benefits have been received. If your insurance hasn’t issued full payment by the 60th day following submission, we will kindly send you a written invoice of the balance to be honoured, and you will then be in charge of your account with the insurance company. In the event that you choose to deal directly with your insurance carrier, you will be requested to honour our professional fees in full the day the treatment is rendered and have the insurance company send the cheque directly to you. In that case, we will still gladly assist you with your claim by submitting it electronically.