Night Guard

A nightguard is an appliance that you put in your mouth to protect your teeth from the destructive effects of clenching and grinding while you are sleeping. This grinding and clenching puts pressure on the jaw, which can cause temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems, severe headaches, ear pain, and neck pain as well as causing excessive wear to the teeth. In order to be truly effective, nightguards need to be custom-made for each individual. It typically takes two dentist appointments to receive a nightguard. The only thing we need to get it made is an impression of your teeth.Sports guardIf you or someone you know loves playing sports, you should know that:

- It's been estimated that as many as one third of all injuries treated by dentists are sports related.
- During any single season an athlete participating in a contact sport runs about a 10% chance of experiencing some sort of orofacial injury (injury of the tissues or structures in or around the mouth).
- A person who has braces (is undergoing orthodontic treatment) should never even consider participating in any sort of sporting activity without wearing a mouth protector. The potential for lip and cheek laceration is tremendous.