Under Armour FAQ

How does UA Performance Mouthwear differ from Mouthguards?
Mouthguards provide protection. Under Armour Performance Mouthwear, which includes mouthpieces and mouthguards powered by ArmourBite™ Technology, does more: It enhances performance.

Under Armour is recommended by dentists, pro trainers, strength coaches and wellness experts and is backed by some of the biggest names in pro Sports like:

Variety of Athletes and Sports that endorse Under Armour:

Georges St-Pierre- UFC Welterweight Champion
Lindsey Jacobellis - U.S. Olympic Snowboarder
Paul Rabil - professional lacrosse player
Matthew Wieters - Baltimore Orioles catcher
Lindsey Vonn- Alpine skier US Olympic Gold medalist
Jeremy Bloom – skiing
Cat Osterman – Softball
Kimmie Meissner – Figure skating
Brandon Jennings – Basketball

MLB players that endorse Under Armour: Jeff Francoeur – Atlanta Braves
, Francisco Liriano – Minnesota Twins
, Nick Markakis – Baltimore Orioles
, Jose Reyes – NY Mets
, Alfonso Soriano – Chicago Cubs
, Jeff Samardzjia – Chicago Cubs
, Ryan Zimmerman – Washington Nationals

NFL athletes with Under Armour endorsement deals: Vernon Davis – San Francisco 49ers
, AJ Hawk – Green Bay Packers
, Devin Hester – Chicago Bears
, Julius Jones – Seattle Seahawks, 
Patrick Kerney – Seattle Seahawks
, Ray Lewis – Baltimore Ravens
, Joe Thomas – Cleveland Browns
, Tommy Tuberville – former Auburn Head Coach
, Jonathan Vilma – NY Jets, 
Patrick Willis – San Francisco 49ers

And here are a few comments from the athletes wearing UA Performance Mouthwear:
“I love the Edge ― it makes me stronger and more focused. I want my teammates fitted…” - Larry Fitzgerald, Wide Receiver – Arizona Cardinals

“I have a physical running style and my opponents try to mark me. I get the edge I need and protection I need to compete”
- Adrian Peterson, Running Back – Minnesota Vikings

“The first time I wore the EDGE, I was hitting .500 ft in batting practice and my teammates flipped. Everyone will be the wearing the edge next year.”
- Ryan Braun, Milwaukee Brewers

“I will never play without the EDGE.”
- Carlos Quentin, Chicago White Sox

Who Should use UA Performance Mouthwear?
Hundreds of Professional athletes are currently relying on the superior performance and protection benefits of UA Performance Mouthwear.  But it isn’t just for pros -UA performance Mouthwear is for all athletes who want to:
-    Excel in their sport or activity.
-    Improve their strength, endurance and overall performance
-    Protect themselves from the negative effects of clenching (TMJ problems, teeth micro-fractures, reduced oxygenation during sports)
-    Protect their teeth from accidental fracture
-    Protect themselves from concussions

And even… just follow in the footsteps of their favorite professional athlete!

How do I Choose the Right Product?

UA performance mouthguard
Offers superior protection and comfort in addition to its performance benefits and should be used in contact sports such as football, hockey, and lacrosse.
* Also available with strap in all black

UA performance Mouthpiece

For non-contact and limited-contact sports such as running, soccer, baseball, golf, tennis, and weight training.  Designed
for optimal fit and comfort.

How complicated is the fitting process?
Once you have decided which model is right for you, getting your own Under Armour  Performance Mouthwear is a simple 3-step process.

1-    First, your dentist will take your bite impressions.
2-    Next, the impressions are shipped to the Under Armour lab where they custom make the product.
3-    The completed mouthwear is shipped back to Milltown Dental for a final fitting.

Every Under Armour Performance Mouthwear product comes in its own protective case.

Does UA performance Mouthwear come in different colors?
It is currently available in yellow bite plates and decals but ladies, it does come in pink!

How long does it take to get a Custom piece of UA Performance Mouthwear?
Once fitted, the orders typically take about 10 days for delivery.

In addition to custom fitted Mouthwear, does UnderArmour offer a boil and bite Mouthwear?
Yes, Milltown Dental is also an authorized provider for the ArmourBite™ Boil-N-Bite UnderArmour Performance mouthwear.  They are great for children as they are less expensive than the performance appliances but still just as protective and they are more flexible to the “ever changing” bite of a growing kid.

Why get it from us instead of a Sports Retail store?
Because we are trained to fit it for you and give you clear instruction to ensure adequate wear and protection and we are also direct distributors so no third party mark-up to pay!
Please call us for more information.

How long will the product last?
The UA performance Mouthwear should last at least one season unless your jaw or teeth change dramatically or unless you chew on the product, which is not recommended

Is UA Performance Mouthwear for everyone?
Yes but your dentist NEEDS to evaluate your mouth first.  There are a few restrictions that may apply and Dr Julie Boudreault is fully trained to recognize these limitations.
Only adults and children ages 8 and older are candidates for UA appliances.  Children should all wear a protective mouthwear while playing sports or engaging in potentially risky activities like biking, skating, skate-boarding, etc.  The consequences of a dental accident can be disastrous and very traumatizing to a child. TEST