Our Values and Mission Statement

The Milltown Difference: An office that feels like home!


“I know how difficult it can be to find a dentist that you like and trust enough to put your oral health and that of your loved ones in their hands. I, myself, struggled with dental anxiety for years and I understand how overwhelming and threatening a dental appointment can be when paired with the wrong professional. I absolutely love being a dentist and I pride myself in offering the utmost gentle, personalized quality care to my patients, making their visit a surprisingly pleasant one after all."

Here is my vision for the practice and my work:

A dental visit is already anxiety-producing by nature... There is no need to make it more stressful so I don’t promote the “overly proper/intimidating” medical-like atmosphere in my office. To the contrary, my hope is that everyone coming to Milltown Dental can feel at ease, share a few laughs with us and enjoy our relaxed, laidback atmosphere that hopefully will make it a more tolerable and even memorable experience for you and your family.

McGill University taught me to focus on quality dentistry while keeping my work as conservative as possible, treating only when absolutely necessary and beneficial to the patient. I am a strong believer in the McGill philosophy and will therefore only propose to you what would be acceptable in my own mouth and that of the ones I love the most.

To quote my father, “Being extraordinary is doing little ordinary things in an un-ordinary way”. That’s my promise: going the extra way for all of those who honour me with their trust and grant me with their oral care.



With care, Dr Julie Boudreault